Goods lifts are specially designed for lifting heavy loads, goods, weight lifts etc. It is used for warehouse, catering, back house, carry home appliances for many industries and factories.

These kinds of lifts were fitted with shutters and hoists, push buttons and switches. It has a harder interior to balance the weight while lifting without damage.

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Based on the technology used for lifting, passenger elevators

Hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts use hydraulic fluid power to work. The lift moves up and down supported on the piston located at the base of the lift. These lifts cannot be used in buildings that are more than six storeys tall. Hydraulic lifts can be grouped into two types – lifts with holes at the base of the cavity and lifts without holes at the base of the cavity.


Stair lifts are special machines that are intended for domestic applications. They run up the staircase being attached to its structure. These single person machines are supplied and maintained by specialist stair lift manufacturers.

Scissor Lifts

These lifts get their name from the scissors that lift their working floor. They are different as they are mounted in pits and require no supporting mechanism above the platform. Hydraulic cylinders force the scissor arms together lifting the platform. They can handle very heavy loads and are widely used as car lifts. Small scissor lifts are the most widely used lifting equipment device in industry and commerce.

Traction lifts

Traction lift follows the principle of traction and weight balance. In this, the capsule meant to house passengers is counterbalanced in weight by another load of equal weight. Traction lifts are of two types namely geared and gearless. Lifts with gears consist of a gear box attached to the electric motor that powers the machine. The gears drive the wheel over which the rope with the cab on one end and counterbalancing weight on the other end are fixed. In gearless traction lifts, the electric motor is directly connected to the wheel.

Goods Elevators In Vellore

Goods lifts are specially designed for lifting heavy loads, goods, weight lifts etc.

Goods Elevators