Blue Bell Elevators Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2015 organization based in Bangalore. Bluebell Elevators is one of the fastest-growing company in the Industries of Elevators, which has in house state of art manufacturing designing facility. The company has extensive experience in the service of Elevator Components.

We are well established in Bangalore. Our Clientele Includes leading Builders, Developers, and Corporate spread all over South Region. Our Products are designed to offer superior performance under a wide range of environmental conditions in India, keeping in mind harsh climates, uncertain power supply, and specific applications.

Our Products are designed with an emphasis on Comfort, Safety & Speed as per IS Standers. We at Blue Bell Elevators incorporate modern technology to keep pace with the changing environmental and vertical transportation needs of the 21st century. With High-Quality Material, Trained and Experienced Man Power we provide Quality Elevators and Excellent after-sale service

We manufacture all types of Elevators. Our Products cater to Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Hospital needs.

Modern Elevators In Vellore

We provide home lifts, residential elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, cogbelt home elevators, gearless residential lifts and hydraulic home elevators for small houses, villas, bungalows, buildings and luxury homes all over vellore.

Service Maintenance

Our professional team inspect lift cable, snags and signs of wear, path, condition of metals, rails, rollers, and switches, and check the sump pump. We deeply analyse and replace the exterior parts. Our skilled engineer immediately takes action on the repaired cable and the condition of the path by installing a new one.

What we do?

  • Ensure the machine
  • room is clean and clear
  • Oil level
  • Lubrication component
  • Leakages
  • Check the guide rails, rollers and levelling devices.
  • Remove any debris
  • Check lift door panels and clearance
  • Check on the firefighter lift controls
24 x 365 Support

We have engineers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and every call is logged onto our state of the art call logging system, ensuring that calls are recorded, prioritised and engineers are despatched on time

First Class Service

We pride ourselves on first class service, whether it be on routine maintenance or emergency call out, our engineers are fully qualified and trained to a high standard.

Customized Maintenance

We offer fully customized maintenance contracts that are tailored to suit the needs of our customers, ensuring that they get the quality of service they require.

Emergency Service

We always have a number of engineers mobile and ready to be dispatched to an emergency and in most circumstances we endeavor to attend call outs in under 2 hours and where possible in under 1 hour for a trapped passenger

No Obligations

Please contact us to arrange a detailed survey of your lift requirements with no obligation or simply for expert advice about your lifts.

Long term maintenance

When we take over the routine maintenance of any lift we ensure that an in depth and comprehensive first service visit is carried out and a report issued to identify the key areas of the lift that are in good working order.