Commercial LIFTS

We design and manufacture Within a business setting, an elevator can be useful in many ways. Providing needed mobility for employees and customers is a priority, and commercial elevators enable this accessibility. Commercial Elevators not only make transportation hassle-free but also bring luxury, improve safety and add beauty to any ambiance.

Importance of Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevator act as an efficient way of transporting people between floors, you’ll find that people aren’t wasting their energy and time on taking the stairs. Installation of an elevator is absolutely essential for most commercial properties, offices and residential blocks across the country if you want to keep your staff or tenants happy. If the building experiences high traffic on a regular basis, a commercial elevator stimulates efficiency. The Commercial elevator will help staff members travel between floors safely and quickly. LULA, dump Waitor, Vertical wheelchair lifts, inclined wheelchair lifts are used in commercial buildings such as schools, churches, hotels, movie theaters, office buildings, etc.

Specifications of Commercial Elevators


The LU/LA, Limited Use/Limited Application, is fully designed which deal with your facilities design and is an affordable commercial elevator suited for commercial use in low-rise buildings comprising two to four floors. It is a massive, fully embedded elevator graded for loads of up to 1400 lbs. LULA is a profitable solution for buildings such as health clinics, schools and museums. A practical solution to accessibility issues in public buildings. LULA elevators are smaller versions of traditional commercial elevators. They give you the same functionality at a lower cost and require less building modifications.

Dumbwaiters elevators

Dumbwaiters elevators are designed for both commercial and residential elevators used to carry everything from groceries and luggage in a restaurant to stacks of cookware or files in a commercial application. Wood, steel, or stainless steel cars are available, depending on your specific need. Dumbwaiters elevators are convenient, reliable and affordable.

Inclined platform lifts

Inclined platform lifts are commercial elevators which are similar to vertical platform lifts but they are installed on the “incline” of an existing stairway. They can be folded when not in use. An inclined platform lift is well suited to environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated.

An in-ground elevator

An in-ground elevator offers simple installation with a PVC liner as a protective barrier between the soil and the cylinder.

Commercial Elevators In Vellore

 Commercial Elevators not only make transportation hassle-free but also bring luxury, improve safety and add beauty to any ambiance.

Commercial Elevators